Model [adjective]

Definition of Model:

typical, ideal

Synonyms of Model:

Opposite/Antonyms of Model:

Sentence/Example of Model:

One might have been a model for the seraphs of Christian faith, the other an Olympian deity.

It was jestingly said that the model for the Odeum was from his own head.

It has also passed a model child-labor law for the District of Columbia.

But remember, there is a model which must be taken even before that of your father.

He produced the model of an ingenious contrivance for grinding corn.

She called to the little combination maid and model who had accompanied us.

The most easy to understand is the clutch, a model of which I have on the table.

On Model B a Holmes rotary 7-cylinder motor of 4x4-inch bore and stroke is used.

The model had acted well, but the first instruments made after it proved a failure.

We are a model to the airth, and must be jist cracked-up, I tell you.'