Copy [noun]

Definition of Copy:

duplicate, imitation

Opposite/Antonyms of Copy:

Sentence/Example of Copy:

The person still had some nonfunctional copies of the virus.

The newsrooms learned of Clarkson’s behavior in June and first requested copies of the messages from the Department of Law — which he oversees — on June 4.

Once the virus has made its way into cells, it starts making copies of itself.

Also in April, Jared Whitlock, a freelance journalist who contributes to VOSD, requested copies of county death certificates.

You should use location-based copy on your website if you’re a company that has not multiple goods or services but has different locations.

Sarah Pekkanen and Greer Hendricks’ discussed their new book, “You Are Not Alone,” and the first 100 participants that RSVP’d were sent copies of the book along with a can of Campbell’s soup.

By engaging content and SEO specialists and having them work with PPC folks, you can create a keyword optimized copy that also appeals to the readers.

The key to your copy is to describe the specific benefits of your product or service along with flaunting its features.

During the editing stage, make sure the keywords read naturally within the copy.

Visualizing a headline with keywords for the concept you’re working with will not only help in search, but will also end up optimizing your copy for long-tail searches as well.