Counterpart [noun]

Definition of Counterpart:

match; identical part or thing

Synonyms of Counterpart:

Opposite/Antonyms of Counterpart:

Sentence/Example of Counterpart:

The North Star Inbound survey found that across the board women were making and charging less than their male counterparts, whether in agencies or as freelancers.

As has become the standard, home teams in the WNBA wiped the floor with their visiting counterparts Tuesday night.

Like Lehmiller suggested, cityside liberals may be taking contact restrictions more seriously than their rural, conservative counterparts.

Both have grown for more than 20 years, but remain smaller than their counterparts in media or sports.

A new study looking at life expectancy in both countries shows the lifetimes of high-income Americans grew 140% faster than those of their low-income counterparts from 2001 to 2014.

Cells dosed with silmitasertib, a CK2-inhibiting molecule in clinical trials for various cancers, were more resistant to a SARS-CoV-2 infection than untreated counterparts.

While the Voice often was left-of-center politically, it wasn’t as radical as some of its more underground counterparts – the Rat, the East Village Other and the Berkeley Barb, all of which also covered the Stonewall riots.

Visualizing under an electron microscope, the team found that, similar to its biological counterpart, the hybrid synapse was able to efficiently recycle dopamine with timescales similar to the brain after some calibration.

Both here and across the world, I’ve been meeting with some of my counterparts and other private-sector leaders to emphasize that the future of 5G has to be not just strong networks, but also secure networks.

It had its counterpart on the political side in the rise of representative democratic government.