Ringer [noun]

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Sentence/Example of Ringer:

His ringer pointed to the last five words under the bar of music.

If the ringer was late the prentice boys reminded him pretty plainly.

He knew that he had only to hold up his ringer and say, “Watch, Moses!”

Let them study the words “ringer” , “linger” , and “ginger” .

Mrs. Stanton, but you are so confounded clever you might run in a "ringer."

He's the only shearer we have, so we tell him he's the ringer of the shed.

We presume that depended, to some extent, on the fancy of the ringer.

This is called a "ringer" and counts ten, but it is a rare shot.

Suddenly a guy in the crowd yells out: 'That feller's a 'ringer.'

"If he wins we'll know he's a ringer," Joe replied complacently.