Original [adjective]

Definition of Original:


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Sentence/Example of Original:

The original owners of these farms had moved into Egypt years and years ago.

His character was so open, that I did not need to correct my original conception of it.

This etext was prepared from the original 1821 edition and the 1948 edition.

He who is parted from God has no original nothingness with which to take refuge.

Still another of the original seven stood in the immediate vicinity.

The features in Falstaff which are so harped upon, are to me the features of the original model.

Can our sweet Sylph be going to heaven, to seek the original of the miniature?

The machine from elevator to tail plane bristles in original points.

I would give it to you in the original, but it might embarrass you; it certainly would me.

Of the original monastery, founded in 1140, hardly a trace remains.