Elementary [adjective]

Definition of Elementary:

simple, basic

Opposite/Antonyms of Elementary:

Sentence/Example of Elementary:

At least two Massachusetts districts have eliminated elementary PE altogether this year, according to the president of the state’s SHAPE chapter.

Despite the need, Pfizer is the only manufacturer whose pediatric vaccine trials are far enough along to potentially have data on elementary-school age children by the end of the summer.

In part of the city where demand was high for in-person learning, elementary students may be reporting to classrooms for only a few hours in the morning, with another group coming in the afternoon.

This elementary observation has deep connections to many areas of mathematics and yet is simple enough to be taught to kindergartners.

In the late 1960s, Ralph Dotinga – the son of Dutch immigrant dairy farmers – was a 6-foot-6 teacher at a Chula Vista elementary school.

In Wards 7 and 8 — areas with the highest concentrations of poverty that also have been hit hard by the virus — 70 and 64 percent of elementary students’ families, respectively, want to remain entirely virtual, according to the survey.

Entire elementary classrooms will pivot to distance learning if there’s a positive case in those classrooms, according to the district’s reopening plan.

The report studied data for more than 30,000 students, relying on a dozen charter networks and the traditional public schools to submit fall test results for elementary and middle school students.

By giving a neutrino of its own to both the electron and the muon, the pairing up helped show how to organize and account for the growing table of elementary particles.

It was located at an Arlington elementary school, inside a space that might have been a gym or cafeteria, but that day was transformed into a display of local and global inequities.