Rudimentary [adjective]

Definition of Rudimentary:

basic, fundamental

Synonyms of Rudimentary:

Opposite/Antonyms of Rudimentary:

Sentence/Example of Rudimentary:

The choice of the bride and the nuptial ceremonies are most rudimentary.

It is systematically to maintain a rudimentary phase of growth.

The Egyptians had the water-wheel and the rudimentary blast-furnace.

After all, these are forms, the most rudimentary forms, of the scientific spirit.

Certain of them are, however, content with a rudimentary cavern.

At this point we can take up the first rudimentary beginnings of Greek art.

In point of fact architecture was still in a rudimentary stage.

In some other genera they are present, but in a rudimentary condition.

To poetry, even in its most rudimentary forms, they do not seem to have attained.

In these the sporangia are large and the ring (r) rudimentary.