Complex [adjective]

Definition of Complex:

involved, intricate

Synonyms of Complex:

Opposite/Antonyms of Complex:

Sentence/Example of Complex:

The act of the Covenanting Society is complex, and is the aggregate of the actings of all who compose it.

He knows when a sentiment is simple and when it is complex, when the heart is a dupe of the mind and when of the senses.

The solution of the problem, if complex in all clinical affections, is especially so in epilepsy.

Bud did not say anything; your efficient chauffeur reserves his eloquence for something more complex than a dead engine.

It is the most complex of all, as the lines contain internal rimes.

If you lived out here long enough, Im afraid you would have a bad inferiority complex.

Into Lucien's complex thought Latour had come, not unnaturally, since this conversation.

An ode is a lyric expressing exalted emotion; it usually has a complex and irregular metrical form.

In such cases it is extremely likely that an ion of the salt in question forms a complex ion with a component of the solution.

In that case the salts would be called "complex" salts, salts of a complex ion, MgCl3.