Composite [adjective]

Definition of Composite:

combined, mixed

Synonyms of Composite:

Opposite/Antonyms of Composite:

Sentence/Example of Composite:

The composite image, created by stacking together multiple photos that had been taken while the embryo was in motion, documents stages of the embryo’s development from left to right.

The planters appear to look like heavy stone or concrete, but the material is actually a composite of recycled plastic and powdered stone.

This style utilizes a flexible TR90 material that can bend under pressure without breaking, and the composite lenses feature UV400 protection, so they’re ideal for travel.

The Nasdaq composite had already returned to a record, thanks to huge gains for the big tech stocks that dominate it.

D’Arcy notes that the team is already working on ways to turn their nanofibers into composite materials containing other semiconductors, which they hope will boost capacity by a factor of ten.

He seemed to pass under the mastery of a great mood that was a composite reproduction of all the moods of his forgotten boyhood.

Christianity seems to be a composite religion, made up of fragments of religions of far greater antiquity.

Pandans have a composite fruit made up of smaller fruits called drupes.

Not even a fair, honest, every-day portrait of my father's and mother's composite features—but a picture of myself!

Of certain features of existing places I have made a composite, which is the "Mushroom Town" of this book.