Homogeneous [adjective]

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When it comes to diversity in hiring, he says Israel is fairly homogeneous, so it involves gender parity there, something that he says he is working to achieve.

That situation is described in terms of a spacetime and inflaton field in states that are completely homogeneous and isotropic.

The point is that the universe is not, and has not been, homogeneous and isotropic for quite some time.

The point is that a measurement might indeed change the state of the system, according to the R-process, leading to a state that is no longer homogeneous and isotropic as the initial one.

That state, just as the vacuum state in flat spacetime, has the property of being 100 percent homogeneous and isotropic, and yet somehow we ought to regard that in its quantum uncertainties lie the seeds of present day cosmic inhomogeneities.

Homogeneous: Structure uniform throughout all parts of the colony.

Homogeneous orange light gives the sensation of a blend of red and yellow; but there is nothing like this in the auditory sphere.

I have said that this law of Homogeneous Counter-relativity has not been recognised by logicians.

Homogeneous culture, however, is of course not the same thing as native culture.

Homogeneous appearances are grouped into classes, and each class referred to a separate deity, and hence Polytheism.