Compatible [adjective]

Definition of Compatible:

agreeable, in harmony

Opposite/Antonyms of Compatible:

Sentence/Example of Compatible:

His version adheres as closely to the original as is compatible with elegance and the preservation of metrical grace.

One cannot but feel that there is in these allegories an affectation but little compatible with true eloquence.

He is inclined toward a friendship with somebody else whose nature is compatible with his own.

Sociability, tolerance, humanity, these first virtues of all morality are totally in compatible with religious prejudices.

The aim of all will be individual and general comfort, and as much happiness as is compatible with humanity.

Henceforth development is no longer compatible with sensuous delight.

The love of the world, and indulgence in secret sin, may be compatible with an ostentatious religion.

Such an offence is compatible with uniform kindness and most affectionate consideration.

The astonished individual whom she addressed made the earliest exit compatible with his dignity.

Society can no longer live under this bourgeoisie, in other words, its existence is no longer compatible with society.