Antipathetic [adjective]

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Sentence/Example of Antipathetic:

From this you can conclude that if you are antipathetic to me, this antipathy proceeds fundamentally from myself.

Calvinism, above all theological creeds, might be supposed antipathetic to him.

One of the editors of this book was inclined to throw doubt upon it, as a thing antipathetic to the Greek spirit.

The state of mind of the by-standers, sympathetic or antipathetic, has an influence upon the production of the phenomena.

It has a right to dislike its mother or father or sister or brother or uncle or aunt if they are antipathetic to it.

Those who were either indifferent or antipathetic to him, his imagination instantly transformed into hidden enemies.

No woman wishes her dearest friend to marry a man to whom she herself is antipathetic.

To Roger Carbury, Felix was a vicious young man, peculiarly antipathetic to himself, to whom no respect whatever was due.

Such men exist, antipathetic to the Marbridges of the world.

To their Italian temperament she had seemed too cold a type, too antipathetic, to be a danger.