Averse [adjective]

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Sentence/Example of Averse:

This may have been maternal partiality, for whilst a mere child, she was somewhat obstinate in disposition, and averse to study.

In the course of a few days the minister visited the kitchen again, and found Chloe still averse to his proposition.

He was, therefore, averse to putting the question on such narrow grounds.

He was averse to costly pleasures, and regarded contentedness with a little to be a great good.

The doubter seemed averse to giving this proof of unbelief, and yet it was clear that he was not convinced.

The patriot band attracts the brigand proper, who is not averse to continue his old courses under an honourable pretext.

Jealous possibly of a too brilliant general, certainly averse from costly and fruitless campaigns and needing the Legio II.

The majority of the natives, unaccustomed to regular work, showed themselves averse from taking service under the white farmers.

Colonel Mildmay, essentially a kind-hearted man and most averse to giving pain, felt it acutely.

Elsie and Ned pleaded for a ride, and Grace and Lulu seemed not averse to sharing it.