Caring [verb]

Definition of Caring:

tend to

Synonyms of Caring:

Opposite/Antonyms of Caring:

Sentence/Example of Caring:

Tim had come by this time, fastening his suspenders as he came, and caring less for his appearance than his mother.

She is also a kind mother and affectionate wife, and lives only for her family, caring little for the world.

Not only were there their own two wounded men, but they had picked up and were caring for six wounded guerrillas.

He swung into a decent-looking road that branched off to the left, wondering where it led, but not greatly caring.

Not caring what the result might be, she publicly proclaimed our liaison, and I had come to live entirely at her house.

Poindexter remained at home, caring for his own family and for the two children of Cadwalader, whom he took into his own house.

The pain was devilish, and I wasn't used to being alone, and nobody caring a damn, and everybody believing me a cad and a bully.

But Gonthram, little caring for the words and threats of his brother, made ready to seize the maid and carry her off.

Do you not hear the call of life and creation, the making of more homes and the caring for those homes?

He had a unique position, a reputation for caring, caring with the candid purity of high passion, only for the best.