Mind [noun]

Definition of Mind:


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Sentence/Example of Mind:

He who gives his mind to politics, sails on a stormy sea, with a giddy pilot.

Exhausted in mind and body, she could not long endure this tide of recollection.

In you I was sure of a mind strong enough to break the fetters of habit.

But, to relieve your mind, nothing at all has really happened.

"The name of Socrates recalls Alcibiades to my mind," rejoined Anaxagoras.

Philothea had listened so earnestly, that for a moment all other thoughts were expelled from her mind.

But there is one subject, on which my mind is filled with foreboding.

On this day, however, Philothea's mind was less serene than usual.

Of this, there is an impression on my mind too strong to admit of doubt.

But all he'd ever say was that times had changed since my day, and I wasn't to mind him.