Disbelief [noun]

Definition of Disbelief:

doubt, skepticism

Synonyms of Disbelief:

Opposite/Antonyms of Disbelief:

Sentence/Example of Disbelief:

I’ve spent a lot of time since in utter disbelief at how wrong those assumptions turned out to be.

The contrast shook Washington’s attorney general, Karl Racine, who seemed to be almost in disbelief on CNN Wednesday evening.

Haley Stevens, a Democratic representative of Michigan, expressed her disbelief.

Fields lifted his hands to his helmet in disbelief after a miscommunication with his receiver led to Clemson’s game-sealing interception.

In online chat groups and forums, political rage and disbelief metastasizes into calls for violence.

Back in Thompson’s car, the three county officials rubbed their hands with sanitizer and stared at each other in disbelief.

People around the globe have been watching the buildup to the US election with disbelief.

Crossing the finish line first, Farah, arms outstretched, wore an expression of disbelief.

When a Krystal Buffet opened in Alabama in 2019, it was met with “excitement and disbelief,” according to the press release.

He hid himself in Assouan with belief for a companion, he came back and found that companion had been but a masquerader—disbelief.