Unbelief [noun]

Definition of Unbelief:


Synonyms of Unbelief:

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Sentence/Example of Unbelief:

Martin had done Bill's share of the chores, with unbelief in his heart.

Unbelief was also a probable concomitant in this transgression.

She checked her unbelief, an unbelief that had uplifted her from an inexplicable dismay.

Her eyes were on my face, still with that same look of unbelief.

Garnache stared at him in an unbelief that was fast growing to suspicion.

He stood clear of her path with a gasp at once of unbelief and angry resignation.

There were words of reproach, encouragement, unbelief, execration.

Faith should not be timid when unbelief shows an indomitable audacity.

The Spirit of God was operative so far as the unbelief of men permitted.

Unbelief grew to conviction and developed into profound distrust.