Incredulity [noun]

Definition of Incredulity:


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Sentence/Example of Incredulity:

When I mentioned to other mathematicians that Heule was attempting this, their first response was incredulity.

The circle around did not exactly contradict him, but exhibited expressive appearances of incredulity.

Tressan halted, too, and turned upon Gaubert, a look of incredulity in his fat countenance.

The report spread to Edinburgh, but was received there with scornful incredulity.

Dick Faversham, to whom the words were spoken, smiled, and the smile was not without incredulity and a sense of wonder.

My incredulity increases if I am told that the performers of miracles have been cruelly tormented or slain.

How can we help our incredulity, when we see principles about which those who teach them to others, never agree?

But an ignorant person is as obstinate in his contemptuous incredulity as he is unreasonably credulous.

The white men looked up into the bare tree with a mixture of wonder and incredulity.

William gave a snort of incredulity, and hinted that probably Mr. Meadows himself was at the bottom of the scandal.