Amazement [noun]

Definition of Amazement:

state of surprise

Synonyms of Amazement:

Opposite/Antonyms of Amazement:

Sentence/Example of Amazement:

Reuters interviewed Bill Gates this week, with the Microsoft-executive-turned-philanthropist expressing amazement at his suddenly prominent role in vaccine-related conspiracy theories.

Usually I limit myself to one essay each night before bed—and frequently an essay is just a page or two—but often I find myself rereading a paragraph or a few lines over and over in amazement and appreciation of his talent.

Even though I gave away or sold perhaps 150 boxes of books in 2020, the stunned amazement of anyone who wanders into my basement or attic apparently remains, to quote Sherlock Holmes, the one fixed point in a changing age.

I expressed amazement to Cline that after spending most of a year tracking mask brokers, watching billions in federal dollars spent to get supplies for hospitals like hers, that PPE was still scarce, rationed or nonexistent in many hospital settings.

To my amazement, those same 80 people were getting everything done with a passion that seemed higher than ever.

The sailors were all in amazement, and asked me a thousand questions, which I had no inclination to answer.

There was a pause, during which Blanche went through a little mute exhibition of amazement and pleasure.

A sign from Lawrence, and, to the amazement of the guerrillas, they were looking into the muzzles of revolvers.

The servant announced M. Robinson, and he entered, to the great amazement of the guests.

It was with much amazement that they watched Henrietta absorb sandwiches, cake, eggs, and fruit.