Wonderment [noun]

Definition of Wonderment:


Synonyms of Wonderment:

Opposite/Antonyms of Wonderment:

Sentence/Example of Wonderment:

The wonderment in which she looked at Eileen was stamped all over her.

I could not help smiling at the serious depth of her wonderment.

"I never got any such letter from him," said Florence, in wonderment.

He was lost in wonderment at not having been able to discover his picture.

On Anthony's face there was wonderment—disillusion, and then bitterness.

It was a face of girlhood, almost mature—a face with wonderment on it now.

Yet his wonderment was accompanied by vague suspicions of the truth.

Balta shook his head in wonderment when this was reported to him.

The answer which came back brought a flash of wonderment to his eyes.

Old Lazarus did not fail to detect the expression of wonderment and admiration.