Marvel [noun]

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Sentence/Example of Marvel:

I marvel at the sense of duty, the resignation, the sacrifice.

But don't you marvel at me too much, for I'm a very good sort of fellow when you know me.

But that's that braggart, major Marvel—and a marvel he is, I can tell you!

The bed was a marvel of pink and white drapery; so was the dressing-bureau.

"Nor can I marvel at that," said she, with a little tinkling laugh.

My voice was a marvel even to myself, so rich and full and musical!

The only thing at which she wondered was the slowness of the working of the marvel.

It is marvel if in these earthly banquets there be not some lack.

We marvel that we had no prescience of these, and that we did not attain to them sooner.

How Gerald and Tod contrived to do their lessons amidst it was a marvel to every one.