Expectation [noun]

Definition of Expectation:

belief, anticipation

Synonyms of Expectation:

Opposite/Antonyms of Expectation:

Sentence/Example of Expectation:

Still, the very presence of paramedics at sites where forced entry warrants are to be used could suggest the expectation that someone will be harmed.

“This removal was about an IG who in my mind was increasingly falling short of expectations,” he added.

She was a student who would drive up performance and expectations and build community.

One reason for that is unlike in 2000, “these companies actually have revenues and earnings, they’re not just trading on fumes or expectations,” CFRA Research’s Sam Stovall tells Fortune.

Few groups in stock market history have been accorded such great expectations.

This is key to shape expectations and influence companies’ investment decisions and consumers’ choices.

People also have disparate expectations of these concepts depending on their own political, social, and economic realities.

This is the way it has to be for even the best of stocks because it’s impossible for expectations to stay in line with reality when you have uber-successful companies.

Where leaders lead through their own behaviors, so that people can get a sense of expectations.

Meeting the new high bar of customer expectations will require advertisers to redesign their internal and partner content, tools and services into a unified path that aligns organically with consumers’ decision-making.