Supposition [noun]

Definition of Supposition:

guess, belief; hypothesis; surmise

Opposite/Antonyms of Supposition:

Sentence/Example of Supposition:

That exclamation, of course, removed the supposition entirely.

The supposition was greeted with a great burst of laughter from Cornelius.

He was furious at this supposition that she would continue in her irregular practices.

We will work upon the supposition that everything that is here belonged to Father.

And has he not promised temper and acquiescence, on the supposition of a change in my mind?

What logic, what process of argument secures you against this supposition?

And, on our supposition, to which I will refer presently, this is perfectly correct.

Suffice it to say that on more than one supposition, I can account for it satisfactorily to myself.

The rebels never did anything to justify such a supposition.

But such a supposition is only a compliment to the skill of the composer.