Opinion [noun]

Definition of Opinion:


Opposite/Antonyms of Opinion:

Sentence/Example of Opinion:

"You are welcome to your opinion," returned Robert, indifferently.

"You asked my opinion, and I gave it," said Robert, not flinching.

But every difference of opinion is not a difference of principle.

There was less diversity of opinion in regard to Elinor's picture.

But I used then to say, and I still am of opinion, that he wants a heart: and if he does, he wants every thing.

The world's opinion ought to be but a secondary consideration.

Gives her opinion of the force which figure or person may be allowed to have upon her sex.

But since you ask for my opinion, you must tell me all you know or surmise of their inducements.

You might say that a standard of morals is entirely a matter of opinion.

How can I arrive at an opinion unless I go myself, and see what it is like?