Measurement [noun]

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Sentence/Example of Measurement:

They were not his sort; their standards for the measurement of things were unintelligible to him.

They were matters of measurement, and not of opinion or fancy.

I could now understand the measurement by which Irishmen were estimated in the London world.

How––how about that ‘if’ you said this measurement would settle?

By its measurement every man stands for what he is and for what he does, not for what he was and what he did.

This gallon is divided up in two ways; one by weight, and the other by measurement.

Page 24: The measurement "0m .460" matches the original text.

The most famous achievement of Eratosthenes was his measurement of the earth.

If more than one copy has been examined this measurement is of the largest.

In making this measurement the discharge occupied a fraction of a second.