Amount [noun]

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Other factors being equal, the amount of urea indicates the activity of metabolism.

After about the forty-fifth year it becomes gradually less; after seventy-five years it is about one-half the amount given.

In disease, the amount of solids depends mainly upon the activity of metabolism and the ability of the kidneys to excrete.

The amount of the other purin bodies together is about one-tenth that of uric acid.

For instance, the Limestone Polypody is not happy unless there is a certain amount of lime present in the soil.

The Act permits member banks to accept an amount of bills not exceeding 50 per cent.

The amount of the taxed costs is one hundred and thirty-three, six, four, Mr. Perker.

And the absence of paper and so forth, rendering notebooks costly and rare, made a large amount of memorizing necessary.

Though the amount played for is serious, a good deal of rather bald conversation and chaff goes on.

Simple constipation and diseases of the large intestine alone do not increase the amount of indican.