Load [noun]

Definition of Load:

cargo, freight

Synonyms of Load:

Opposite/Antonyms of Load:

Sentence/Example of Load:

We’ve arrived sans luggage but with loads of curiosity as to how the night will progress.

Twice a week, the retired veterinary pathologist picks up half-ton loads of donated groceries from the Trader Joe’s in his neighborhood, then delivers the food to two charities for distribution.

If your job requires you to spend many hours at your desk, then perhaps you may sacrifice the look of a chic, smaller chair and go for a larger ergonomic model that gives you loads of support.

You can count me in for pretty much any dish with “loaded” and “potato” in its name.

In the office, that pressure wouldn’t be so intense because you’d be around loads of people who are doing the work with you.

That’s important when you’re dealing with an appliance that uses heating elements that climb to hundreds of degrees, and has moving, spring-loaded parts that pop up again, and again, and again.

After receiving a load of new subscribers amid last year’s streaming viewership surge, the streamers now need to make sure they can keep hold of these people.

Shekar, who started the company after experiencing the stress of dividing and dealing with money in her own relationship, says the goal of Zeta is to take the “cognitive load” of dealing with money off of people in a relationship.

The ad load on the Inquirer’s, for example, is significantly lower than the ad load on their standard article pages.

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