Contents [noun]

Definition of Contents:

elements of larger object

Synonyms of Contents:

Opposite/Antonyms of Contents:

Sentence/Example of Contents:

If old Piegan Smith hadn't been sampling the contents of that keg so industriously he would never have made a break.

Dan inserted the primer, pulled the lanyard and sent the contents of the gun into the ranks of the enemy.

But Lady Hartledon did not hear; or if she heard, did not heed; she was already absorbed in the contents of her letter.

The contents of the pipe-chest he thoroughly knew, for often he counted the pipes.

An hour later, I heard he was dead: that on his way to his home he had purchased a bottle of laudanum and swallowed the contents!

Like lightning he turned and seized by the wrist a man who had already opened the bag and laid hold of some of its contents.

If, now, the patient cough or strain as if at stool, the contents of the stomach will usually be forced out through the tube.

Quite elated, the author asked his friend what part of the contents pleased him so much.

Taking off the lid she emptied its contents in a heap—silver and copper with one or two gold pieces intermixed—on the table.

On one of these fine days the steward stumbled with the coffee-pot, and deluged me with its burning contents.