Sum [noun]

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When you solve a sum you go from "a" to "b" and from "b" to "c" and from "c" to "d" and so on.

He gives his ambassador a sum on which a private gentleman can live, and no more.

In Vienna, L. 11,000 a-year is equal to twice the sum in England.

I know that you have double the sum we want in ready money—so I make no ceremony.

But you, sir—will any sum—that is, any reasonable sum—be of use to you?

Perhaps that sum, trifling as it was, may have smoothed your path and assisted your career.

That money was never scarcer, and she wanted to make up a sum.

Tip remembered it was just possible that he might know something about the sum.

He would have agreed to ten times the sum demanded; for the boat he must and would have.

The stones are fine ones, and the Boston jeweller offers you that sum for them.