Totality [noun]

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Sentence/Example of Totality:

As it happened, that very instant was the conclusion of totality.

The totality of a life at any moment is the product mainly of little things.

There was a lull in the wind before and after totality, but during the totality the wind was strong.

They first appear on the eastern limb at the commencement of totality.

But it is no longer then of the universe in its totality that we must speak.

There can be no degrees of totality; and some timbers were saved.

It accepts the conception of continuity, and rejects the conception of totality.

To know really what it is, one must take the aggregate in its totality.

That type of knowledge is the knowledge that comprehends the universe in its totality.

What, indeed, were Mark Twain's works in the totality of that relationship?