Piece [noun]

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Sentence/Example of Piece:

Round this a piece of leather is stretched and dressed with emery.

This piece, with the exception of a few lines, has appeared in the Athenaeum.

But I was proposing--I wanted to deed that piece of marsh to you boys!

Her mother had brought her a piece of seed-cake and a cup of milk with the cream on it.

I dismounted, and went forward to strike it with a piece of wood.

This consists in placing a piece of white paper in the oven.

The ribs and the loin cut in one piece are shown in Fig. 18.

From this piece are obtained the most desirable chops and roasts.

It was worth while going to Chteau-Chinon for the sight of such a piece of antiquity as that!

Even such a piece of information, however, hardly reassured us.