Specimen [noun]

Definition of Specimen:

example, sample

Synonyms of Specimen:

Opposite/Antonyms of Specimen:


Sentence/Example of Specimen:

I had no means of preserving a specimen, but I took a drawing of one.

But we have here a specimen of the inevitable consequence of sin.

Here is a specimen of his graceful blending of irony and humor.

He repaid Hopper with a specimen of his tongue, and flung the writ back at him.

What do you think of him, sir, for a specimen of the Dotheboys Hall feeding?

Saying this, he took out of his pocket the specimen of mineral which he had brought with him.

I will submit this specimen to Mr. Brand as you desire, and will let you know to-morrow what he says.'

The specimen was taken from a pegmatite dike at its contact with an amphibolite.

This specimen was 12 inches high when we placed it in the Begonia bed the 22nd, of May.

They will hardly attempt to board us, after the specimen they have had of what we can do.