Unit [noun]

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Neither evolution nor involution will ever effect the value of a unit.

At all events, it is as impossible to demonstrate the non-existence of the one unit as the other.

Values are reckoned in “skins”—­that is, a “skin” is the unit of value.

I saw myself now as part of the whole, a unit in the sum of a life which interested me.

And, for the size-change, a normal diameter, Unit 1—and then up into thousands.

The party who are opposed to them insist that every unit in ten thousand must be the same as every other unit.

She was a unit and whole, so that whatsoever she did, became her.

The unit of our rural civilization, therefore, became the farm family.

The unit of measure of the rate of flow of electric current.

They were a unit in declaring that the Duke beat any man handling a horse they ever saw.