Entity [noun]

Definition of Entity:

object that exists

Synonyms of Entity:

Opposite/Antonyms of Entity:

Sentence/Example of Entity:

At some point, doing business with so many unique entities isn’t solely about efficiency that utilizes averages.

In the collection view, reality isn’t really an entity in its own right, it’s just a label we give to the collection of things that happen to exist.

The owner of the Sheraton didn’t respond to a request for comment, but the head of a hospitality trade group said the proposal would put restrictions on hotels, which are private entities, that no other businesses have.

San Diego County once bought 95 percent of its water from that entity.

It also requires companies to turn over vast amounts of information to government entities for the purpose of computing the score.

Unfortunately, the widespread adoption and proliferation of technology can also be dangerous to our community, especially when wielded by government entities with little or no oversight.

The idea is that the system will be open source — not owned by Criteo or any other commercial entity — and that it is open to all ad tech vendors, publishers and advertisers.

These informative podcasts are based on interviews with renowned entities such as Eric Schmidt and focus on bringing something new in every episode.

Google’s Knowledge Graph is all about entities and their relationship with each other.

Depression — I think there’s probably some some core thing there, but we’re talking about a very heterogeneous entity.