Article [noun]

Definition of Article:

item, object

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Sentence/Example of Article:

Since the article has been published, the Senate has actually voted against the government and the law will now come into effect this year.

This article was originally published on our Biology and Beyond channel in June 2020.

Complementing the Spotlight program are custom events, which are either sold as standalone products or as part of bigger editorial packages that can include everything from articles to custom video.

This article, the second in a series on global migration caused by climate change, is a result of a partnership between ProPublica and The New York Times Magazine, with support from the Pulitzer Center.

Previously, the publisher could get approximations of this behavior by pulling specific article data, but this speeds up the process.

Otherwise, more might have felt safe enough to talk openly about the progress made by their agency for this article instead of doing so anonymously.

Moreno, in an article the Blade published on June 18, said her family and neighbors never accepted her.

While videos typically have higher likes and comments than articles, because they’re viewed natively in the platform, their referral potential is lower.

Digiday obtained a copy of the D&I plan, and it is embedded at the end of this article.

The magazines sketch us a lively article, the newspapers vignette us, step by step, a royal tour.