Substance [noun]

Definition of Substance:

entity, element

Synonyms of Substance:

Opposite/Antonyms of Substance:

Sentence/Example of Substance:

Substance of one of Lovelace's letters, of her answer, and of his reply.

To all appearance, the rock was as firmly fastened as any other portion of the earth's substance.

You have the wisdom that grasps the substance and lets the shadows flit.

The substance of a lady's letter, it has been said, always is comprised in the postscript.

Till when, I will give you the substance of what I wrote him yesterday.

He discarded the older notions of heat as a substance, and accepted it as a form of energy.

I will here give you the substance of Mr. Lovelace's letter.

Following the above quotation we have the line, "Than can the substance," etc.

I like it to be serious and morality to form the substance of it.

If you are not tired of her, and you have any substance, she may sell it and follow you.'