Plant [noun]

Definition of Plant:

organism belonging to the vegetable kingdom

Synonyms of Plant:

Opposite/Antonyms of Plant:


Sentence/Example of Plant:

He might plant two shots before there was a return; he let the idea slip away from him.

I could not succeed in finding the plant for which they had been digging.

But, when I'm out of this, I'll hunt you down again and I'll plant you full of lead, my son!

True, the plant has enemies, like everything else, enemies which it may not escape.

Now as for these rotters, I'll plant a crop of fists on their faces.

Every part of this plant was put to some use by the Egyptians.

In the belief of the Indians this plant opens the door to visions.

The plant grows a number of years before it decides to flower.

No wonder that plant has ever since borne the well-omened name.

You can no more judge of a mind in ignorance than of a plant in darkness.