Flower [noun]

Definition of Flower:

bloom of a plant

Synonyms of Flower:

Opposite/Antonyms of Flower:


Sentence/Example of Flower:

Like other male mosquitoes, they drink flower nectar, not blood.

“You could also send flowers on the day of the wedding or bring a card to the wedding and give them that instead,” she says.

After the adult emerges, it drinks nectar from flowers and mates.

Afterward, women at the temple performed their usual routine — praying to Hindu deities and offering fruits and flowers.

Making drone pollination practical would require flying robots that can recognize flowers and deftly target specific blossoms, the researchers say.

So as a florist, instead of creating content on the best flowers to give your wife, think of the best flowers your customer can give their wife in Florida.

The soft sound of bees buzzing among flowers signals warm weather throughout the world.

Visit a flower forest in the game Minecraft and you may stumble across big, blocky bees searching for blooms.

If too few samples are used in training, dogs might end up looking only for females, for example, instead of including males too, or only flowers in bloom instead of that plant after it has gone to seed.

That’s the science and art of growing fruits, vegetables, flowers and ornamental plants.