Inflorescence [noun]

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Sentence/Example of Inflorescence:

The fruit commonly has the general shape of the female inflorescence, but as it matures it increases greatly in size.

A broad and flattish inflorescence, the central flowers of which bloom first.

The front side of a flower, remote from the axis of inflorescence.

A simple inflorescence of flowers on pedicels which radiate from the same point.

The back side of a flower, next to the axis of inflorescence.

They differ more or less as to capsules, seeds, inflorescence, etc.

The foliage sheds itself to make room for the profuse inflorescence, so that the tree has veritably the appearance of a fire.

Shooting up behind and among it is a tall, salmon-coloured Gladiolus, a telling contrast both in form and manner of inflorescence.

A more or less modified leaf subtending a flower or belonging to an inflorescence.

A simple inflorescence of flowers on pedicels of equal length arranged on a common, elongated axis (rachis).