Flowering [adjective]

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“A lot of people do it because they think it’s going to enhance flowering, but it actually delays flowering onset as much as a month,” said Tom Smiley, senior arboricultural researcher at Bartlett Tree Research Laboratories in Charlotte.

In the world’s largest seagrass restoration project, scientists have observed an ecosystem from birth to full flowering.

Wreaths, bouquets, baskets, and flowering-plants in moss-covered pots.

Flowering shrubs in pots were ranged up these steps, while the sides of the porch proper were crammed with them.

The wing in which the family lived had been surrounded with flowering plants and shrubbery.

The river pool commenced to blacken, while flowering rushes tossed their shivering heads and murmured.

In this yard were lilacs of a large growth, roses of various kinds, and flowering almonds.

It was frequently bordered by hedges of flowering shrubs, and such cottages as we passed seemed sufficient for the climate.

On one side of the river are many pleasant summer homes and cottages surrounded by beautiful flowering gardens.

Then she raised the red-willow wand, and pettishly struck at the tall flowering head of a plant before her.