Posy [noun]

Definition of Posy:

bunch of flowers

Synonyms of Posy:

Opposite/Antonyms of Posy:


Sentence/Example of Posy:

Her posy was sweet-smelling and good; it spoke to the heart.

Posy, among the rest, was blindfolded, and led up to the table.

"Posy here'd be a good hand aboard a lightship," he observed.

I presume likely it's right enough for you to play that mouth organ of yours, Posy.

"A dear old lady," murmured Goneril, much more interested in her posy.

Of these how gladly would he have gathered a posy to offer Miss St. John!

"I have a favour to ask you," she said, in a low voice, and stooping her head over the posy.

The posy ring, suitably inscribed, was also used as a wedding-ring.

Two forms of these rings are the "gimmel" and the "posy" rings.

They were inscribed, in addition to a posy, with the initials of the deceased and the date.