Motto [noun]

Definition of Motto:

saying, slogan

Synonyms of Motto:

Opposite/Antonyms of Motto:


Sentence/Example of Motto:

"De Lawd will provide" was her motto, and He never failed her.

But the debellare superbos should be my motto, were I to have a new one.

You'd better bring out that motto and hang it up where they can see it.

Nil admirari is the motto of the Man of Taste in Building, where he is naturally at home.

Mother's motto is that one more or less never makes any difference.

Some lines of his on the lyre became the motto of an engraving by Bartolozzi.

His motto was "Go anywhere and everywhere, but catch the thief."

The motto of his life was “Perseverance,” and well, he acted up to it.

This club has a seal and a motto: "Beauty lives by kindness."

I will be worthy of the motto on my coat of arms, "Called and chosen and faithful."