Formula [noun]

Definition of Formula:

set preparation; rule, recipe

Synonyms of Formula:

Opposite/Antonyms of Formula:

Sentence/Example of Formula:

Anytime that’s the case, we can turn to the quadratic formula.

The program will figure out whether there’s a way of assigning days to the babysitters that makes the formula true, or “satisfiable,” meaning you get the three days you want.

There are lots of ways of assigning 1s and 0s to this simple formula — or building the guest list — and it’s possible that after running through them the computer will conclude it’s not possible to satisfy all the competing demands.

Ostrander and her colleagues published their new formula online July 2 in Cell Systems.

Decoding the impact of rank changes into clicks and conversions can look like a simple formula for a customer at first.

Like all formulas, it has a Gödel number — some large integer we’ll just call m.

In this post, we’ll talk about what AOV is, the simple formula to calculate it, and how to increase the AOV of your own ecommerce store.

The formula would be: “The pump invented—Drain a well ,” or Water raised in a hollow.

The formula for the date of its foundation in 1636 may be thus expressed—Harvard College founded; the chum age .

They had been in a rut long enough, and they laughed at the Colonel's formula, which nearly every child knew by heart.