Canon [noun]

Definition of Canon:

rule, edict

Synonyms of Canon:

Opposite/Antonyms of Canon:

Sentence/Example of Canon:

Barrett several times told Democrats that her refusal to endorse certain decisions of the court did not mean they were endangered and said such questioners were pushing her to violate judicial canons of ethics and impartiality.

Ai and his companion Estraven spend much of the novel trekking across a desolated and dangerous ice sheet, in scenes that would fit in among the best of the outdoor adventure canon.

Commissioning new works, taking them to the streets, reimagining the classical canon, and continuing to perform and listen to the Fifth anew all are part of an effort for classical institutions and audiences to move forward while honoring the past.

Such real-time data is a welcome addition to the slower, monthly or quarterly pace of most official releases that make up the canon of important lagging indicators.

During the late 15th century, canons were mostly of rudimentary make with their antediluvian mechanism allowing for a very slow rate of fire.

Dr. Adam Weishaupt, professor of canon law at Ingolstadt, founded the secret society of the illuminati.

But Canon Drivel's daughter did not deign to answer, she merely rang for prayers.

Mrs. Dodd opened the book—her father, the Canon's, well-known book of Family Prayers.

Brooding over such thoughts as these, Alessandro went up into the canon one morning.

The celebrated Kepler discovered his canon for the periodical motion of the planets.