Tenet [noun]

Definition of Tenet:

belief, principle

Synonyms of Tenet:

Opposite/Antonyms of Tenet:

Sentence/Example of Tenet:

He was as unconscious, almost, as he had been back there in Tenet's cabin after his fall.

Was it something in a cast of character or a tenet of a creed, or was it what any one could emulate?

The tenet of predestination was the keystone of his religion.

This tenet of his religion he infused in some measure into all his novels.

You will be surprised to know that many an Islamic tenet is entirely in accord with it.

But the new academy dogmatized in their scepticism, and held it as their tenet.

The Major adhered rigorously to every tenet of the old school.

That no tenet should be believed to be of faith, unless the New Testament contains it.

Oh, no, sir, this is a tenet held by the wisest and most admirable of men.

This was a certitude, the very faith of the Storks, a tenet which never was questioned.