Skepticism [noun]

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Sentence/Example of Skepticism:

It should have amounted to identification, but there was skepticism in the the armed party.

Primmie seemed to discern a hint of skepticism even in the cough.

Life itself is a bubble and a skepticism, and a sleep within a sleep.

I resist the skepticism of our education and of our educated men.

I know I love him, and no philosophy or skepticism can cheat me out of that love.

I think God will forgive us our skepticism sooner than our Inquisitions.

The lips had already a little curl of bitterness and skepticism.

Educated reflection and skepticism can disturb this spontaneous relation.

There was interest in his mind, overlaid with skepticism, of course, but interest all the same.

Nothing is so detestable as the spirit of skepticism abroad in the land to-day.