Indecision [noun]

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Sentence/Example of Indecision:

She set her arm about her waist again, and poured shrewd persuasion over her cousin s indecision.

In the priest's indecision he was eager to see a favorable solution of the doubts which seemed to torment him.

Skepticism is but a state of indecision which results from a superficial examination of subjects.

She profited by the moments indecision to flit swiftly out of the ghostly arcade toward the avenue.

The hand which lay on the table opened and closed and opened again in helpless indecision.

There had come a change in the man which struck them at once; the indecision and groping weariness of the last days had lifted.

Something crimson emerged from the door and stopped in indecision on the steps of the porch.

While Chatham was suffering from gout and Conway from indecision, Townshend had opportunities for mischief.

There was all that political indecision about him which may be often observed in eminent lawyers and men of letters.

But history cares but little for these men of compromise, and regards this indecision as the chief defect of his genius.