Irresolution [noun]

Definition of Irresolution:


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Sentence/Example of Irresolution:

With irresolution swirling around the economy and the pandemic recovery, mortgage rates barely budged.

He saw that the situation was worse than even he had bargained for, and all his irresolution began to return upon him.

And then he walked about the room, reflecting on the curse of his life—his besetting sin—irresolution.

Your average woman shopping is the epitome of irresolution, or so it seems to the man.

His strength is sufficient for her weakness, and her power is the support of his irresolution and want of faith.

And then the word "irresolution" leaps forth, and all is explained.

We have two studies of such a state of irresolution, in Macbeth and Brutus.

It develops irresolution and incapacity, and it stands perpetually in the way of anything else that has to be done.

This decisive stroke, which vanquished the Emperor's irresolution, cost the Swedes only the loss of a single man.

It unnerved his resolution, and uncertainty and irresolution were terrific strains on a man of action and precision.