Faltering [verb]

Definition of Faltering:

stumble, stutter

Synonyms of Faltering:

Opposite/Antonyms of Faltering:

Sentence/Example of Faltering:

He summoned up all his strength for one last trial, and bent his faltering steps towards it.

She knew that she was to be led from that cell to a violent death, and yet no faltering of soul could be detected.

He advanced towards me with little faltering steps, took me by the hand and led me to his little girl.

“I hope Jacko will never see any body shave,” said Minnie, in a faltering voice.

Yet, how familiar everything looked as the girl went with weak, faltering footsteps up the broad steps into the lighted hall.

I foresee that I shall be supporting your faltering footsteps to the altar in a months time.

Graceful took his dagger and cut a branch from a tree to support his faltering steps.

For you may hear no more her faltering feet, But are left lonely amid the clamorous war Of angels upon devils.

Glancing back and noticing the wife faltering, he relieved her of the basket and started forward at a faster walk than before.

Captain Candage pulled himself to the keel, sat upon it, and found speech in faltering manner.