Reel [verb]

Definition of Reel:

wobble; spin around

Synonyms of Reel:

Opposite/Antonyms of Reel:

Sentence/Example of Reel:

But Pa had a sister who was reel good-lookin', an' some says you've got her eyes.

It flung away from him, the wire screaming from the reel behind it.

I reel in whenever practicable and kill the fish on the line.

Guide it to its place with the thumb, and run it from side to side of the reel like cotton on a spool.

There was a reel and there were sound-speakers to keep the ship from sounding like a grave.

If you want to be a reel sailor you must smoke all the time.

Sakr-el-Bahr was seen to reel under the blow, and instantly there was a commotion on board.

She is 23 nearly seventy, but can dance a horn-pipe or a reel with the best of them.

This explosion was terrific, the very earth appeared to reel.

“Keep the butt well down, and your thumb upon the reel,” he continued.